My Mama went to heaven in 2008... I still have conversations with her in my head, I catch myself picking up the phone to call and tell her something, I miss our talks, our shopping trips, our giggling and silliness. My Mama was my best friend and I won't ever stop missing her... so I talk to her through this blog... hey it helps me!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Dear Mama It's Me...

... I missed you at my wonderful Highland Wedding last month... you would have loved the day and you would have been so very happy for me and my Hugh.

We had a bagpiper there and he played "Amazing Grace" in memory of all those celebrating with us from heaven. I hope you were able to look down and hear that, there were a lot of tears, we miss you so much!

We are all dealing with you leaving us in our own way... who knew such a tiny little woman could leave such an enormous void... Christmas and birthdays and Thanksgiving and Easter are awkward and weird. Hannah has stepped up and is working hard to be the glue you were to hold the family together, you would be proud of her, she is an amazing young woman.

Even though it's been almost two years since you left, I still find myself almost picking up the phone to call you sometimes to tell you something that excites me, or something that saddens me, or something that angers me.

Dad got remarried this past December, I don't like her one bit and that makes it hard to deal with Daddy and it was hard to have her at the wedding when you couldn't be there.

I'm happy, Mama, with my new husband and my new life, he loves me like Daddy loves you. My job is going great. We are thinking about buying a house with a little bit of land so we can have a garden and a yard.

I love you Mama!

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