My Mama went to heaven in 2008... I still have conversations with her in my head, I catch myself picking up the phone to call and tell her something, I miss our talks, our shopping trips, our giggling and silliness. My Mama was my best friend and I won't ever stop missing her... so I talk to her through this blog... hey it helps me!

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Dear Mama,
I got an email last night from Melanie telling me Uncle Hoot has terminal cancer and there's nothing they can do, it's just a matter of time. I know how much you loved him.

I was thinking about how sweet and charming he always was... he adored you too. I remember when you were so sick in the hospital and he would come visit almost every day there for awhile till you were out of the woods. He would always kiss your hand and tell you how lovely you were and grin that mischievous grin he always had. He always brought the rest of us, who were sitting in the waiting room waiting, something useful... one time he brought a big basket of snacks... crackers and candy and even kleenex and quarters for the vending machines. And he'd sit and talk and make us all laugh at his stories.

I was thinking about hearing about the time when he was 12 years old and his sister, your mama, was a few years older and he had been rabbit hunting and was on the front porch cleaning his shotgun and Nellie was messing with him, somehow it came down to him saying the gun wasn't loaded and her telling him to prove it... she stuck her finger in the barrel and dared him to pull the trigger to show her... he did... and it went off... shot her finger right off... Grandma Allison was frantic because Nell had immediately clasped her hand to her stomach and Grandma thought he'd shot her in the stomach! Bad enough that he shot her finger off! Nanny's (Nell) right hand was always a curiosity to me growing up... missing that one finger. The stupid things that kids do huh?

And I was remembering how everybody teased Uncle Hoot about the time he was deer hunting in SC and had scattered corn all around his deer stand to bait the deer. Didn't know it was illegal in SC, he'd been hunting in NC most of his life where it was legal to bait deer. He got arrested and put in jail overnight... had to pay a big fine and if I'm not mistaken, got his rifle taken away. They never let him live that one down!

He had a long, full life... his Christine has been gone for some time now and his four beautiful daughters are all grown up with grandchildren of their own... I hear from Elaine once in awhile, saw Faye at your funeral, she's still a pretty woman... I think Jeanette and Sheila were at the funeral home too, but I don't remember seeing them.

Mel says Helen and Macie are taking it pretty bad that Ralph (Hoot) is so ill... such a large, loving family, only the two sisters left... I miss the days of Easter picnics and Christmas parties with all of them... it's sad to lose touch with people you were once close to. It's started happening in our family now that you're gone and it makes me sad. Beth and I try to talk often and Jeff calls me once every week or two. Kevin sends me text messages often. I miss you... Daddy's not the same since you left so it feels like you're both gone.

I love you Mama.

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