My Mama went to heaven in 2008... I still have conversations with her in my head, I catch myself picking up the phone to call and tell her something, I miss our talks, our shopping trips, our giggling and silliness. My Mama was my best friend and I won't ever stop missing her... so I talk to her through this blog... hey it helps me!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Kristy's Wedding

Dear Mama,

Kristy's getting married tomorrow. I'm making the cake... the wedding will be in Charleston, on the beach and she's only allowed up to 25 people there without having to get special permits and such, but we're going because I'm taking the cake. It's only a couple hours drive from here.

Marcia is making most of the food for the reception and she said this morning that "Goin' to the Chapel" keeps running through her head as she packs and prepares to head to Charleston... I told her I couldn't hear that song without crying anymore... she agreed, saying it's just running through her head, she can't sing it out loud... not without her two backup singers! She really misses you and Beckie, her two sisters who left us within a year of each other. You and Beckie can look down tomorrow on Folly Beach and sing for us!

Kristy has finally found a wonderful man who is good to her and she's head over heels in love... I'm so happy for her... she's had a tough time of it... Danny remarried awhile back to none other than Beth Lynch! Amazing!

Anyhow, wedding bells are ringing once again in the family!

I miss you Mama!

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